The Human Rights Action Center is committed to creating awareness and access to human rights for all people. We encourage you to engage as a citizen and communicate your concerns about human rights to your government. By sending a written letter to your local government representative, you can help to raise awareness on human rights issues that matter to you. To contact your local representative, you can consult this Online Congressional Directory to find their contact information.

            Looking for a cause to get involved in? HRAC would like you to contact your local representatives about our initiative to have the Universal Declaration of Human Rights printed in all passports. Your letter can help push our government to take this step towards universal human rights. By sending this letter you are asking the government to acknowledge that these rights belong to all people and the governments themselves. The more you help, the greater are our chances for success.

            Another way to support the Human Rights Action Center is by donating to the organization. HRAC is a non-profit organization and is currently engaged in several human rights campaigns. We need YOU to help us succeed.  Please make a donation to help us continue our work.